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I’m Lucy, a 40 lb Shepherd/Collie mix.  My “parents” started giving me Harmonious Herbs about a month ago and I want to tell you that I feel calmer.  They keep giving me little liver treats when I am quiet and don’t bark at all other dogs so, since being on the herbs, I am getting LOTS of those liver treats!  They tell me what a good girl I am for being quiet and “leaving it” when I don’t bark in the house or on walks.  So, while i hear the herbs are good for horses too, I can only speak for dogs, and I love them.  I don’t even know that they’re in my food but life is calmer, quieter and treat filled now.  My “parents” and I highly recommend them!

Debbie and Jerry (Lucy’s pet parents)

The second I pulled out the bag of Simply Kairos, my dog would NOT stop sniffing the bag. She was so interested. We got rabbit and she loves it. It’s a good training treat for us because I can break it into several pieces. I can also easily crush it and sprinkle it as a topper on her food to help my picky eater want her bowl of food. I can’t wait to try out the other proteins.


Our dog's coats have never been softer since we started using Healthy Coat a few months ago! I told my husband years ago that I wasn't the biggest fan of wire-y haired breeds, and we ended up getting a Golden Retriever who had fairly wire-y fur, but using Healthy Coat daily has made his coat SO soft and shiny.


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